If you are reading this, chances are you know me by way of friendship, acquaintance or perhaps had a wild encounter with me on one of my many adventures and are wondering just how, I keep it all together. (Truth is I don’t keep it together and after reading and following along you will find that to be more true than you really wanted to know.) Many of you have followed along on my previous blog as I journeyed through various countries, continents and cultures and are back for more. These days I find myself in Austin, which can seem like another country and culture at times, and I also find myself feeling at home. A rare feeling that I haven’t experienced in about a decade when I packed up my car and started running. See if you know me well and have survived years of friendship with me, you know that I am pretty good at running. Running from one part of the country to the next, one commitment to the next, one job to another, one country to another country, running around in circles, etc. I find it humorous that I have found a place I actually want to stay put in for awhile, create some static in my life for a bit, and as a result I have begun to run in place a lot-on the treadmill. I hope this blog to be a chronicle of my fond love of all things running and working my booty off, the craziness that tends to be my life, and of course the unbeknownst adventures the future holds. Join me for the ride, grab a cup of coffee, and lets explore and grow together.

Love.Run.Love. Em.

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2 responses to “Blog-diddy!

  1. Well, I my friend for one am glad you slowed down for a bit, in ordert that we would meet. I am more than impressed that you are running all over Austin. I needed a little inspration to go dance and WALK this morning…and I have found it here. God speed. love you. S

    • I am so blessed to have met you too!!! Go shake what you momma gave ya, get your dance on!!!! Ummm…so I think I am coming to CLT this summer. Amelies date may be in order!!! Love.Love.Love.

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