Hi. My name is Emily Kay. Some people call me Emily. Some people call me Kay. Most people just call me Em.

I am a strong Type A personality with just enough fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants to keep life spunky. I am dangerously addicted to coffee and good conversation. You may not know by how much I talk about myself (which is really just a nervous habit), but I want to know what you are passionate about-seriously everything. I am a Cheesehead to my core but I don’t eat dairy. One day I will own a home in the country and the city, but never the suburbs. I could never date a man that doesn’t drive a truck and can’t chop down a tree. I am pretty much obsessed CrossFit and pink glitter, running shoes and race bling, scrubs and chubby babies. Ice skating is a sure fire way to get my heart. I love to cook and will cook for you a hundred times over if you ask. Languages and cultures make my heart skip a beat. I take Phase 10 seriously. In the deepest part of my being I believe that Jack Bauer is a real person. I drink cheap wine even though I am horribly allergic to it and I am a beer snob. I have a hard time keeping my bathroom clean. I believe that the third time is always the charm. I am broken to my core but am learning to love the mosaic those pieces are creating.


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